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Post subject: Branding Malaysia to what extend?

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:56 pm

Hmm, I just got back from Malaysia for my field work. I can see Malaysian goverment is doing hard work branding (selling) Malaysia. From the mega project to the micro. This is impresive! Don't think this could happen in Malaysia. Shocked

I visited several states in Malaysia, nearly round the whole Malaysia in my trip. Each states seem to compete to each other trying to get as much tourist (locally and internationally) as much as they could. There are also on going construction building more shopping malls. Extending high ways and roads. Adding public transport etc.

Apart from these fast changes, I'm aware there are still normal people whose struggling trying to survive in the big city. Most of the prices (e.i. food, commodity, products, toll, rent ) increase. THe rich become richer, but the poor is becoming poorer. Indeed, some of the salary increase, but how could this catch up with the fast changes.

There are many roads need to be maintain, areas need to be sustain and values to be taking care of. Instead of trying to maintain what we have (e.i highways, environment, building, tradition, etc), Malaysian seem to enjoyed making new stuff. Personally I think Malaysia have enough! Malaysian is rich with nearly everything. What we really need to do now is maintaining what we have and appricites some 'Malaysian values.

What I'm trying to say here, yes it great to be known internationally, yes it's good to have better public transport, brand new road and more option of highways (like we need more) but how these new changes helps in promoting Malaysia? What are Malaysian attraction for tourism? Is it the high-rise building that we can find everywhere in the world? Or masive shopping malls that have all the global brands?

Any spicy thought? Smile

As you can see in the photo...not too far from twin tower...

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