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Post subject: Sembang-sembang di Kedai Kopi

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:14 pm

I just wanted to try this out, cerita di Kedai Kopi. I think it use to be a culture in Malaysia for people to meet up at the 'Kedai Kopi' Coffee Shop to talk about things that happen around and a little bit of gossiping...aha! Surprised
How about that, just visualise that we are at the 'Kedai Kopi' virtually...apa kata kita sembang-sembang...
This is for we all yang tinggal jauh di perantauan...ada cerita manarik kekawan? Any new or stories that you want to tell us...experiences? story of yourlife? kenangan yang tak dapat dilupakan? Unforgettable Memories? Kisah cinta pun ok jugak...Love story?

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