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Exploration on Malaysian Design + Product + Culture

To start with, let me introduce myself briefly. I’m doing my PhD in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia. My research interest is in Malaysian product, design, branding and culture. Mostly in Malaysian traditional products. In order for me to be able to develop my research in Malaysian products and design, I need to understand what is Malaysian “Identity” as much as to understand Malaysian cultural and national identity.

The purpose of this site is to investigate how people understand the perceptions of, and potentials for, Malaysian product development. It will focus in exploring communication design and its potential contribution to such developments. It will also explore the relationship between communication design, branding processes, cultural identity and product development.

The central of this research includes the cultural implications in the process of creating Malaysian product, locally and internationally. This study intends to contribute to contemporary discussions about the cultural engagement and its implication in branding practices and their impact on countries and local industries.

I hope you will enjoy the discussion and progress of making this website ALIVE!

Let’s talk about Malaysian people, their culture and practices!
You don’t have to be Malaysian to talk about Malaysia.

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Nurul Rahman

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